What We do

We’re an industrial hemp Seed-to-sale company.

From sowing seeds to growing business, we are a farm-to-market source committed to helping people live better lives.

Botanac educates farmers, buyers and consumers on the benefits of industrial hemp.

We guide farmers in proper and efficient hemp cultivation practices.

We process the hemp grown by our network of farmers and growers. 

We extract CBD oil from locally-grown plants at our new processing facility in Oklahoma City.

We provide superior hemp bio-mass and flower to our buyers, from medical offices and pharmacies to textile and building manufacturers.

Industry Knowledge

Industrial hemp is a growing industry, but farmers haven’t been able to cultivate the crop for decades. Generations’ worth of knowledge was lost when hemp cultivation became illegal in 1937.

Botanac gives Oklahoma farmers the information and skills they need to start growing premium hemp. We believe working together as partners will enable us to become leaders in the industrial hemp industry for Oklahoma and the nation.