Redlands Community College

Located in El Reno, Oklahoma, Redlands Community College is an accredited two-year institution of higher education that works with Botanac to help farmers grow industrial hemp. The college has approximately 2,200 students and was established in 1938.

Oklahoma State University

Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University is an accredited four-year institution of higher education that works with Botanac to help farmers grow industrial hemp. Founded in 1890 as Oklahoma A&M, the university has approximately 35,000 students.

Oklahoma Hemp Growers

The Oklahoma Hemp Growers Association is a non-profit organization based in Oklahoma City with a mission to establish and expand industrial hemp markets. The organization is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the community in partnership with the National Industrial Hemp Association.

Symbiotic Aquaponic

Symbiotic Aquaponic is a national, award-winning company that specializes in custom aquaponic system designs, commercial builds, and community education and outreach. The organization provides educational opportunities to advance the aquaponics industry and build healthier individuals, families, and communities with sustainable agriculture.

Colorado Hemp Project

Botanac procures high-quality, organic hemp seeds from the Colorado Hemp Project to help Oklahoma farmers start their crops. The organization focuses on sustainable agriculture, helping to bring hemp cultivars and resources to the communities that need it the most.

Sooner State Wellness

Sooner State Wellness is a collaborative project of health, legal, industrial, educational, and agricultural experts. Network professionals help develop and promote productive relationships to expand the Oklahoma cannabis market by offering consulting services and distributing information to the public.

Oklahoma Farmers

Botanac partners with Oklahoma growers to increase the vitality and viability of family farms. Farmers grow organic, pharmaceutical hemp for use in thousands of applications, providing environmentally friendly and sustainable products to consumers. Oklahoma farmers are the backbone of the Botanac hemp pipeline.