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Botanac helps farmers get started. We provide high-quality industrial hemp seeds and crop experts so farmers can increase the viability of their family farms.

Botanac is an Oklahoma-based company and the first to grow industrial hemp outdoors and indoors for grain, fiber and CBD. We are contracted with two institutions of higher education and we are the only company educating farmers on the cultivation of industrial hemp so we all become leaders in the industrial hemp industry. We want our farmers to succeed, and we dedicate time and effort to ensure they do.

Botanac partners with farmers to reduce the risk of a new crop. We provide high-quality hemp seeds for grain, fiber and CBD. We also provide seasoned consultants to help farmers increase the profitability and success of their family farms. We offer a built-in market so farmers don’t have to worry about where they will sell their crop once it’s harvested.

There are opportunities for indoor grow facilities and outdoor grow locations on both irrigated and non-irrigated land.

Growing Partners

We provide high-quality certified seed and will soon be able to provide an Oklahoma-derived seed to our farmers. Our growers participate in our mission to research seed varieties, agronomics, processing and marketing avenues for hemp-related products. These efforts will establish the foundation for a viable, alternative cash crop for all farmers in the state of Oklahoma. Botanac seeks growers who are active in agriculture production or have horticulture experience. Growers who have these qualities are excellent prospects for growing hemp.

Hemp is Beneficial for Oklahoma

It’s drought resistant
Hemp grows in many climates and soils. It doesn’t require pesticides and grows faster than other crops – up to 7 feet in approximately three months.

It’s good for the land
Industrial hemp does not have to replace current crops.  It can rejuvenate fields between harvests while providing a viable alternative cash crop for farmers. Industrial hemp uses less water than corn and alfalfa. It is an ideal rotational crop, putting more nitrogen in the soil than a soybean crop.

It’s good for farmers’ wallets
Industrial hemp is a fast-growing industry, expected to reach more than $1.9 billion a year by 2022. Revenue per acre is generally higher than alfalfa and other crops, making hemp a lucrative option for family farms. In 2017, the industrial hemp market had $820 million in product sales.


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