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If you want top-quality industrial hemp, you need Botanac. We grow and sell the best hemp on the market. Buyers know they can count on Botanac to supply them with the best fibers, grains and oils so their products stand out in the marketplace. Our organic, pharmaceutical-grade industrial hemp for CBD produces superior products.




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We have seeds, seedlings, clones and oils available for purchase. The Oklahoma Heritage Seeds will be available for purchase in early 2019. Email us to learn more.


Hemp can be grown as a seed, fiber or dual-purpose crop. Botanac believes there are more than 50,000 uses, but not all have officially been recognized.

Organically grown plants are free of synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, sewage sludge-based fertilizers and petroleum-based fertilizers.

Crop rotation naturally controls weeds without using synthetic pesticides, which is better for the environment. Additional benefits of organic growing methods include reduced soil erosion, less water usage, increased soil fertility and less energy use.

Pharmaceutical Grade
Botanac’s pharmaceutical-grade industrial hemp is processed to obtain 99 percent purity and adhere to pharmaceutical standards. There can be no binders, fillers, dyes or unknown substances. This designation is has more stringent requirements than food-grade products.

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