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Botanac is Oklahoma’s premier marketplace for industrial hemp.

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If you want top-quality hemp, you need Botanac.

Botanac sells hemp seeds for fiber and grain. We sell high-quality, feminized seeds for hemp-derived CBD. We also offer clones, seedlings and full spectrum certified organic pharmaceutical-grade CBD.

Hemp seeds, plants and oil are now available for purchase. Please call or email for pricing.

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Botanac is dedicated to helping farmers add a rotational crop which enhances their land and their family legacy.  We provide high-quality hemp seeds for grain, fiber and CBD. We offer seasoned consultants to help farmers increase the profitability and success of their family farms. Botanac reduces the risk of a new crop.

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Botanac provides full-service industrial hemp production with a built-in market. We help Oklahoma farmers grow and process high-quality hemp that can be used in thousands of products. We sell hemp as a commodity and provide education for the growing marketplace.

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